Converting/Unlocking/Upgrading the firmware on a Cisco 7970 7975 from SCCP to SIP and Vice Versa

So we figured we would do a write up on converting, hacking, unlocking or whatever you want to call it) the firmware on a cisco 7970/7975. First off you need to have the firmware available to you. You will need a CCO account on Cisco’s website to do so. If we were allowed to redistribute the firmware we would, but because Cisco prohibits this you will have to find your own means of obtaining it. Please select the option to download the firmware files only.

Once you download the files unzip them and upload it to your tftp server. As an example we used version 8.4.1, so the files you should have would look like the following.


Once you upload these files you will need to create and upload the cnf.xml file that your phone will use to upgrade the firmware.

It will have to be named SEP<MAC ADDRESS>.cnf.xml

You can download it here:

Download “SEP(Mac_Address)” – Downloaded 967 times – 206 B

Make sure you change the cnf.xml file to fully match the version of firmware you have downloaded.

Thats all there is to it. You should have a fully functioning phone running in sip mode; or if you revertted back to sccp then a fully functioning phone in sccp mode.

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